About Us

“With trained and experienced fitters and a wide selection of prostheses and bras, Amanita is well-positioned to provide the Best Service and Products to meet every woman’s post-mastectomy requirement.

Amanita means “peaceful woman” in Malay and it is this environment that we have created for our customers in our stores.

From the moment you step into Amanita you will be cared for. There is a feeling of comfort and gentleness offered by highly trained women who understand your needs be it after breast surgery or difficulty finding the right fitting lingerie.

We have beautiful spacious fitting rooms that offer complete privacy. All of our staff appreciate the need for complete confidentiality.


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Amanita offers a shower of new possibilities and understanding.
We provide a unique specialist fitting service for all your underwear needs. If you are having trouble finding your size, the right undergarment or just value the importance of being fitted correctly, we can assist you.
Amanita are committed to helping women restore their appearance, self image and confidence and to make life beautiful again after surgery.

We offer a personalized consultation for those experiencing temporary or permanent appearance changes following cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery or any other surgery

Datin Etty Zainab Ibrahim has taken over ownership of Amanita Services Sdn Bhd since February 2009. She is continuing the wonderful work that Dee started in helping the women of Malaysia who have breast cancer and who need breast prostheses.

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Dee Sidhu, the founder of Amanita, had a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer in 2001. She is married to a Malaysian and has two daughters. Dee is a dietitian, aromatherapist and masseur. Dee worked for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia for two years from 2002 to 2004 as their Project Director. She is a member of The Malaysian Dietitians Association and The Nutrition Society of Malaysia. Dee is a certified breast prosthesis and bra fitter.

She commutes between Australia and Malaysia and welcomes appointments for fittings, nutrition advice or just to share how she managed her journey with cancer. Dee is also available to talk to womens groups, medical professionals or any other organization or community about the issues women confront when faced with a life threatening illness.

Mary Anderson, the co-founder of Amanita, has worked with women in crisis for many years. She is a trained counsellor and has established support groups at the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. She is married with three sons.

Dee writes anyone meeting Mary for the first time will leave with their heavy spirit lifted and with hope in their heart.

Amanita is very sad to announce that Mary has retired after 2 wonderful years. We miss her and wish her lots of happiness.

Amanita participates in several community programmes in Malaysia. We work with many organizations that provide services to women diagnosed with cancer.

Our commitment is to improve the care of women with breast cancer.

Some of our projects consist of:

Conducting workshops for women about taking care of themselves after breast cancer.
Some of the topics covered include nutrition, lymphoedema, and exercise
Nutrition advice
Aromatherapy advice
Free prosthesis programmes (Malaysia)
Coordinating training programmes for those involved in the care of women with cancer.
If you would like to volunteer to be part of these programmes or to provide sponsorship, please contact Annabel in Kuala Lumpur