Breast Prosthesis Fitting

Personal Fitting for breast prostheses and lingerie.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to telephone or email us, we will always endeavor to help resolve any difficulties you may face in your journey with cancer.



What is a Prosthesis

A breast prosthesis is externally worn in the bra to closely simulate the look of a natural breast. This safe, non-surgical option is the choice of many women following breast surgery. All our breast forms are individually handcrafted with a silicone mixture. The brands we have available are:

  • Trulife from Ireland, Amoena from Australia
  • Available in many forms including lightweight, with cooling gel, foam and swimwear styles. Sizes from 1 – 14.
  • Partials and Shapers available for lumpectomies, reconstruction and breast size variations.
  • Nipple sets available in pairs.
  • Breast Form Colours available in Ivory and Tawny to more closely match a woman’s skin tone.

Wearing weighted silicone breast prostheses following a mastectomy is medically necessary to maintain a proper weight and shape symmetry of the chest and back.  Maintenance of proper weight and shape is important for proper alighment of the spine, shoulders and chest which will help minimise and prevent posture problems and neck and back problems.

The Importance of wearing a prosthesis

Wearing weighted silicone breast prosthesis following a mastectomy is medically necessary to maintain a proper weight and shape symmetry of the chest and back. Maintenance of proper weight and shape is important for proper alignment of the spine, shoulders and chest which will help minimise and prevent posture problems and back injuries.

Taking Care if your Prosthesis

  • To clean your prosthesis, wash gently in lukewarm water daily and dry with a soft towel.
  • Do not wring or rub and avoid using powder, perfume or hot water directly on your prosthesis.
  • Sharp objects close to your breast form can damage the prosthesis,eg. fingernails, pins, brooches, scissors and pets’ claws.
  • Wearing the correct bra size is very important because it prolongs the life of your prosthesis. An ill-fitting bra may damage it.
  • Always keep the prosthesis in the cradle provided when you are not wearing it. This will help to maintain the shape and prevent accidental damage.

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Breast Prosthesis Fitting

Breast Prosthesis Fitting

Whatever type of surgery you have had, it should be possible to find a prosthesis that feels comfortable and exactly matches your other breast to restore a natural outline. Your shape, age and certain medical factors may also need to be taken into account. Amanita stocks many different styles to accommodate all needs. Prostheses normally last for at least two years and need replacing when they lose shape and firmness. You may need a replacement sooner if your weight or shape changes.

The Staff of Amanita are experienced in resolving all kinds of problems that can arise with fitting lingerie. Please telephone or, better still, come and see us if you are experiencing difficulties such as:

Prosthesis moving around or falling out of bra cup
Prosthesis showing above the bra at the front or underarm
Prosthesis showing beneath the underband
Uneven outline of breast shape – especially after reconstructive surgery
Bra feeling uncomfortable or not looking right, or if you think a different style is required
Difficulty fastening your bra at the back
or just if you need a general fitting in a private comfortable environment.
Checkpoints for a good fit

The bra size is too small if the underband feels too tight when you take a deep breath.
Sharp objects close to your breast form can damage the prosthesis, eg. fingernails, pins, brooches, scissors and pets’ claws.
The cup size is too big if there are wrinkles or excess fabric in the cup area, or if the breast form can move around loosely.
Try a smaller cup size, or a larger/different shape breast form if your natural breast fits the cup properly.
The bra size is too big if the underband rides up at back or the sides feel too loose. Try a smaller bra measurement as needed.

Bra Pocketing

We, at Amanita, are able to offer a bra pocketing service for women with mastectomies.

Our tailor will create a pocket in your fashion bras and swimwear to hold a breast prosthesis. We encourage all ladies to wear a bra with a pocket to prevent the prosthesis from moving in the bra or from falling out.

Please note that not all bras and swimwear can be pocketed. We will advise you if we are unable to pocket your lingerie.



Bra Fitting

  • If bra rides up at back . . . adjust hook and eye closure to tighten, loosen straps or try a smaller band size (34 instead of 36).
  • If band digs in . . . order one band size larger (36 instead of 34) or opt for a bra with a wider band.
  • If sides bulge . . . order one band size larger (36 rather than 34) or choose a style that provides more cup coverage.
  • If cups overflow . . . order one cup size larger (C to D) or one band size larger (34 to 36).
  • If shoulders are sore . . . loosen bra or opt for a bra with wider, or padded straps.
  • If bustline sags . . . shorten straps, avoid stretchy fabrics or choose a firmer support style with rigid straps.
  • If underwires pinch or poke . . . order one cup size larger (B to C) or try a non-underwire soft cup style.
  • If straps slip . . . tighten straps or opt for bra with wider straps.


Are you sure you know your size?
To check your bra size, you need only take two measurements which are:

1. Underbust Measurement
Measure under your bust:
add 4ins. if the measurement obtained is an even number of inches
add 5ins. if the measurement obtained is an odd number of inches.

(For example, if your underbust measurement is 31ins., add 5ins. to obtain bra size 36, or, if your underbust measurement is 30ins. add 4ins. to obtain bra size 34.)

2. Overbust Measurement
Measure round the fullest part of your bust to determine Cup size.
If the bust measurement: is:
same as your bra size, your Cup size is A.
1in. more gives Cup size B
2in. more gives Cup size C
3in. more gives Cup size D
4in. more gives Cup size DD
5in. more gives Cup size E
and so on through F, FF and G

An example:
Underbust measurement of
29in. + 5in. = bra size 34
Overbust measurement of
34in. = Cup A

So the correct fitting would be 34A
These notes aim to provide general indication of your bra size. However, the best guide is a bra you already wear which is comfortable. Please also bear in mind that sizes do vary between manufacturers and between different styles of bra. In addition please note that the older you are, you may need to be more generous when you measure yourself.


Free Prostheses and Mastectomy Bras

Amanita runs fitting clinics for breast prostheses and mastectomy wear in Malaysia.  If you would like Amanita to conduct a fitting clinic in your town please call us and we will discuss it with you.

Amanita is approved supplier and fitter for women who qualify to apply for a free breast prostheses and mastectomy bras under the government Yayasan Kebajikan Negara (YKN) project.  We can arrange to fit groups of women organised by your Support Group or by your Clinic in the Government hospitals.  Amanita works closely with many of the organisations in Malaysia to ensure we can bring to our customers the most up the date information and services currently available.

For further information on this, please email us at for call Esther 03-2162 8215.