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When to fit for a Maternity Bra

When you notice an increase in the size of your bust, which is generally around three to four months, we strongly recommend you visit a professional bra fitter as they can ensure you choose the right bra for you. Depedning on the deelopment of your bust size , ou should be fitted again at approximately seven months, however if you feel your bra is restrictive iin any way you need to have your fitting checked straight away. When making your purchase it is important to look for a maternity bra that provides excellent support and flexibility to allow for breast size fluctuation. An easy way to check this is to slide your hand into the upper cup section to assess if there is enough room for expansion.

How to meaure your bra size

It is important that someone else measures you as you may not get the correct measurement if yo do it yourself.

A) Band measurement

  • To find your correct band size, measure around the diaphragm directly under the bust.

B) Cup measurement

  • To find your correct cup size, measure across the fullest part of your bust across the nipple area

C) Back

  • If the bra is riding up a tthe back, this means the back is too big and you need to try a smaller band size.
  • If the underbust or backs are overstretched and cutting in, this means the back is too small and you need to try a larger back size.

D) Straps – should rest comfortably on your shoulders

  • If the straps are digging in to your shoulders, thismean they are oo tight and yo need to loosen them off.
  • If the cup is sagging and your breas are feeling unsupported, this means the straps are too long and need to be made shorter.

E) Cup – should sit comfortably over the breast and provide good coverage

  • If the breast is bulging over the top of the cup or at the underams, this means the cup is too small and you need to try a larger cup.
  • If there is wrinkling in the cup, this means the cup is too big and you need to try a smaller cup size.

F) A-Frame – should sit comfortably across the front of the breast

  • Check the A-frame is sitting comfortably against the berast and that it doesn’t cut in across the top of the cup.
  • Check the inside opening is large enough to expand and doesn’t cut in.
  • Make sure there is enough overlap between the top of the cup and the A-frame cut out – if there is agap, this may mean the cup is too small and the breast is pushing the cup out and putting strain on the cup.

G) Feeding – Try to drop down cup while you are in the fitting room

  • Make sure you can undo the maternity clip easily and preferably with one hand, this is important as you may not have both hands free at the time
  • Check the cup drops down far enough for feeing, ideally the cup should sit lower than the A-frame at the centre front so it drops down further.
  • It will depend on the type of fabric in the top cup as to how much this area will give when dropping the cup down so make sure you are comfortable whendoing this.
  • If your bra has eighter an A-frame or a side sling support panel, make sure it doesn’t cut in anywhere over the breast or at the underarm when the cup is dropped down.

Once you have completed these checks, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you like the look of the bra?
  • Do you like the shape? Try a top on over the bra to see if you like the shape it gives.
  • Are you happy with the amount of coverage in the cup?
  • Do you feel supported enough?

Information provided by Amanita. Special thanks to HOTmilk for their contribution